Department of Zoology : Morigaon College


Our department namely “Department of Zoology,” in Morigaon College, was established in the year 1985 as a pioneer center of teaching in Zoology/LifeScience/Physiology/Biochemistry/Ecology/FisheryBiology/Taxonomy/Immunology/ Toxicology/IFF/BBT in Assam/ North Eastern Region of India. The department has a glorious tradition of quality education contributing significantly to the human resource development and catering to the manpower need of various Aquaculture, Pisciculture, Sericulture and Forestry, operating in the state. The college authority has provided a well-equipped laboratory along with  class rooms for Post Graduate studies. The department has a strength of three permanent faculty members, of which has two completed their Ph.D and one is doing PhD.; the department has three contractual faculty members one is doing Ph.D. All the faculty members are well experienced. The faculty members keep engaged themselves in various research.


The Department started at 1985 with 15 students in HS 1ST YEAR class. The  Founder teacher was Late Dr. Bodheshwar Kalita. In 1988 B.Sc classes started with 7 students as Pass Course. (Major) was started at 1996 with 3 students.

The list of the former faculties are:

1) Dr. Bodheshwar Kalita: 1985-2018

2) Pratap Kr. Hazarika: 1993-2013

3) Dr. Kamal Ch. Bhuyan: 1994-2022

4)Dr. Santanu Sarma (against FIP): 2008-2009

5)Purabi Deka (against FIP): 2009-2011

6) Dr. Pallabi Goswami (against FIP): 2012-2014

7) Hena Parbin(Contractual): 2018-2019

8) Dr. Bhagyashree Mahanta(Contractual): 2018-2022

9) Sanchari Bhattacharjee(Contractual): 2021-2022


To aware and teach pupil for better Zoological understanding for benefit of the society.



Live and Let them Live.


" विद्यावान् लभते ज्ञानम्" - "An Educated person is able to acquire Knowledge"


To prepare students for true Zoological life.


The primary objective of the department is to impart quality education in the subject of Zoology as a basic science and its applied branches to the students from rural Morigaon with a minimun fees.

The department is having the following objectives:

  • To provide quality education in a branch of biological science i.e, Zoology with different specializations.
  • To facilitate higher education and research in Zoology.
  • To provide quality education offereing skill based program and motivate the students for self employment in applied branches of Zoology.
  • To inculcate the value based education and entrepreneurial skills among the students.
  • To incultate the spirit of research, conservation and love for animal as well as nature
  • To conduct field studies and different project of local and global interest.
  •  Professional and personal development through curricular and co curricurricular activities.

Courses Offered

  • Higher Secondary Zoology
  • B.Sc. Zoology (Both honours and generic course offered according to GU Syllabus).
  • PG course offered according to GU syllabus with specialization Entomology and Fish & Fishery Biology.
  • Sericulture ( Certificate Course)

Resources of the Department

The department of Zoology contains 8 rooms in total, of which four are lab cum classrooms, one is library cum classroom, three digital classrooms, a seminar hall , a teachers' common room and a museum. The total area of the department is 686.85 squaric meter, seminar hall is 71.12 squaric meter, library cum PG Ist/2nd classroom is 25.56 squaric meter, musem is 40.8 squaric meter, teachers' common room is 40 squaric meter, PG 3rd/4th semester classroom is  25.56 squaric meter, UG 1st/2nd semester classroom is 44.8 squaric meter, UG 3rd/4th semester classroom is 33.6 squaric meter, UG 5th/6th semester classroom is 39.76 squaric meter. the department has seperate toilets for male and female with an area of 19.684 squaric meter. The department has 5 almirahs, 2 bookshelves and 3 cupboards for storing chemicals and apparatuses.The department has 1 fridge, 1 xerox machine and 3 computers.Departmental Library has 293 books for Undergraduate and 35 books for Post Graduate.


  1. A good number of Students enrolling for Under graduate( Honours) & Post graduate degrees.
  2. Creativity among students and teachers.
  3. Liberty of thinking.
  4. Approach for innovation.
  5. Audio- Visual class rooms..
  6. Departmental Library.
  7. Museum.
  8. Office of Assam Science Society, Morigaon Branch is in the Zoology Department of Morigaon College.
  9. Department has 1 Fridge , 1 Xerox machine and 3 computers.
  10. Departmental Library has 293 books for Undergraduate and 35 books for Post Graduate.


  1. Lack of PhD holders
  2. Internet connection not sufficient
  3. Lab with computer facility not available.
  4. Less teaching experience of the teachers.


  1.  Enrollment capacity of students is 45 no.for undergraduate and 15 no. for Post- graduate.
  2. Well equiped laboratory.
  3. Post graduate department with two special papers.


  1. Ranking in University result ( Merit list)  in UG and PG.
  2. Infrastructure.

Activities of the Department

Besides teaching and learning department offers various activities with students and teachers 

  1. Seminar presentation by students and teachers.
  2. Inter department, inter college and Universities faculty exchange programme.
  3. Observation of various national and international days.
  4. Various community activities.
  5. Co-curricular activities performed on saturdays.
  6. Bird watching camp.
  7. Wildlife rescue and conservation.

Awards of the Department

  1. Dr. D. Kusre (HOD) Zoology Department  is the current President of Assam Science Society Morigaon Branch.
  2. Dr. D. Kusre (HOD) Zoology Department  is the All India Executive Member of Sanskar Bharati.
  • Students Award
  1. Ankur Nath recieved the Best Photographer award and secured 2nd position in story writing competition in "Sahitya Ustsav, 2022" organised by Gauhati University.

       2. Jahnavi Deka recieved the " Samaj karmi Indreshwar Mili Botah" in poetry manuscript competition among youth poets ( below 25 years ) organised by Sadau Axom Kobi Xonmilon in 2022.

       3. Jahnavi Deka recieved the BEST LITERARY AWARD of Morigaon College in the year 2019-2020 and 2021-2022

Publication of the Department

Book Publications

  1. Anthropogenic Threats to Biodiversity Vol-1.
  2. Biodiversity of Central Assam. 
  3. Anthropogenic Threats to Biodiversity Vol-II
  4. Cholesterol and Medicinal Plants
  5. Studies on the physio-chemical characteristics and species distribution in effluent effected Elenga beel, Morigaon, Assam.
  6. Cell Biology, Genetics and Dev- Biology (5th sem , General)
  7. An Introduction to Apiculture ( Skill Enhancement Courses)
  8. Central Assam - A goldmine of Freshwater fishes.
  9. An Introduction to Non- Mulberry Sericulture  ( Skill Enhancement Courses) 

No. of Publication in various National and International Journals- 80 nos.

Quaterly students' Publiction



Achievements of the Department

  1. 96% Pass percentage in B.Sc Zoology Honours
  2. Publication of 9 Books including Text books  and Referrence books.
  3. Publication of Research paper in Scopus, UGC CARE list and WEB of Science journals
  4. Department organised National and International Seminar as well as National and Inter National Webinar.
  5. Department organised Departmental seminars among Students.
  6. Faculty Exchange Programme.

Achievements of Students in COLLEGE WEEK 2022-2023

  3. Neeshat Tasnim , Sarbin Sultana, Sagarika Das, Masum Ahmed, Anjan Kr. Nath received medals in various sports competition.
  4. In Literary competition 9 awards were received by Ankur Nath  and Jahnavi deka.
  5. In cultural Competitions 4 awards received by Urmimala Borah and Anjan Kr. Nath .

Future Plan of the Department

1. Upcoming Add-on Courses

  • Bee Culture 
  • Aquarium: its maintenance and keeping of indigenous ornamental fish.

2. Out Sourcing Research Laboratory.

Best Practices

  • Self Evaluation by students
  • Annual Exhibition
  • Alumni record with up-to-date status.
  • "Earn when you Learn" Program.
  • Displaying of MCQs per student per semester per day
  • PPT presentation by students.
  • Lecture on Skill Development.
  • Awareness, rescue and protection of wildlife.