Dr. Abdul Quium Osmani : Morigaon College

Basic Details
Name Dr. Abdul Quium Osmani
Designation SR. Assistant Professor
Department Name Zoology
Qualification Ph.D., M.Phil., B.Ed.
Mobile No 9706573485
Email ID osmaniabdulquium@gmail.com

Contact Details
C/ O Late Muktar Hussain House No 260
Village / Town Name Morigaon Town Post Office Morigaon
Police Station Morigaon District Morigaon
State Assam Pin Code 782105

Academic Qualification
Sl No Examination Passed Name of the Board / University Year of Passing Percentage of Marks Division / Class / Grade Subject
1 HSLC SEBA 1986 59.9% 2nd, assames,english,social science, science,maths, adv maths,
3 BSC GU 1991 No Data Available 2ND ZOOLOGY
4 MSC GU 1995 60 1ST ZOOLOGY

Teaching Experience
Teaching Experience in years Area of specialization Courses and Subject Taught
25 years Entomology (Study of Insects), both terrestrial and aquatic insect, their ecology, fish study, anima Zoology

Duties performed other than Teaching Learning & Social Responsibility
Sl No Activities / Duties
1 Convener of Career guidance cell, member of food community, Joint secretary of Assam science society
2 Coordinator of KKHSOU, Morigaon college center

Participatory Activities
Sl No Types of Activity Description
1 Conservation of wild life and tree plantation Working with Green guard (NGO) for conservation of wild animals in the local area
2 Mentor of children science congress Focus on developing interest of project and model among young children towards the field of science
3 Extension activity and community service Tree plantation in the remote area through Assam science society, Morigaon branch
4 Gyunotsav duty as an External Evaluator Visiting primary, upper primary and Higher secondary school
5 External duty Duty as an external evaluator for practical examination in various colleges
6 Children science congress Duty as an external evaluator of various projects shown by the junior and senior students of different schools of Morigaon district
7 Election duty Duty as a presiding officer
8 Election duty Duty as a counter assistant for issue and received materials

Paper presented in Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
Sl No Year Title of the Paper presented Title of the Conference / Seminar Organized by Whether International / National / State level
1 2014 Study on seasonal variation and diversity of aquatic insects associated with macrophytes in between charon beel and dandua beel , Morigaon district, Assam Anthropogenic threats to biodiversity- its impact of economy in NE India and various conservation strategies Dept. of Zoology, Morigaon college National
2 2014 Human security and Terrorism in North East India Human security in the 21st century India with special reference to NE India Nagaon - Morigaon Zone, ACTA National
3 2015 Teacher Training and learning strategies in Mathematics- A study of secondary school studies of Morigaon dist., Assam National seminar on new perspectives in science and technology education Reception committee, 50th session of Assam science society, Morigaon branch National
4 2016 Economics and conservation of natural resources Education and Economic development with special reference to globalization and SDG in NE region Morigaon College International
5 2017 Skill development of medicinal value of different types of insects among Tribal community, Morigaon, Assam Higher education and skill development for faster economic development with special reference to NE India Dept. of Economics, Morigaon college National
6 2020 A study on Traditional healing practice and folk medicines used by Tiwa community of Morigaon dist, Assam Magic and folk medicinal practices in Mayang of Assam Mayang Anchalik College National
7 2021 Employment generation and income through sericulture among Tiwa community in Morigaon dist., Assam Economic zoology and sustainable development Post graduate dept. of zoology, Morigaon college National
8 2022 Women empowerment in sericulture: A current scenario in rural area of Assam Gender equality: Problems, strategies and solutions in NE India Dept. of English and economics, Charaibahi College National
9 2022 A study on Rhinoceros unicornis with special reference to habitat suitability and its conservation in Pobitora wildlife sanctuary, Assam, India Green literature and philosophy: Texts, contexts and arguments Deptt. of English and Philosophy, Morigaon college International

Published Papers in Journal
Sl No Year Title with Page nos Journal Published Date ISSN/ISBN No.
1 2014 Catalase and Glutathione-s-Transferase activities in liver, gill and kidney tissues of Heteropneustes fossilis exposed to paper Mill effluent Anthropogenic Threats to Biodiversity 2014 978-81-927242-1-8
2 2015 Bamboo digester effluent alters the enzyme glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase and glutamate pyruvate transaminase activities in fresh water cat fish, Heteropneustes fossilis Bio review No Data Available 978-93-84679-05-7
3 2016 Impact of drying on nutrient composition of two freshwater fishes Heteropneustes fossilis and Clarius batrachus International Journal of Engineering science and innovative technology (IJESIT) 02-03 2016 2319-5967
4 2016 Heavy metal accumulation in the water and issues of Heteropneustes fossilis collected from polluted elenga beel, Morigaon, Assam International Journal of engineering science and innovative Technology (IJESIT) 03-05-2016 2319-5967
5 2016 Toxicity determination of detergent (Tide) and its effects on the morphology and behavior of Clarius batrachus International Journal of fundamental and applied research May and June 2320-7973
6 2017 Studies on proximity and mineral composition in the walking legs of a freshwater crab, Paratelphusa spinigera International Journal of fundamental and applied research March, 2016 2320-7973
7 2018 Studies on proximate composition of four edible fresh and salt dried freshwater fishes International Journal of Life science research Oct. to Dec., 2018 2348-3148
8 2018 Collection of Fri and their transportation Bijnan Jeuti Dec. to Jan., 2018 2319-3085
9 2019 Parasite induced alterations on some hematological parameters of a freshwater fish, Channa punctatus collected from ponds of Morigaon district, Assam International Journal of Life sciences research Oct, to Dec., 2019 2348-3148
10 2019 Fatty acid composition in six freshwater fishes collected from rivers, beels and ponds of Morigaon district,Assam, India International Journal of Life sciences research April to June, 2019 2348- 3148
11 2020 Only one Mammals (Bat) can fly Bignan jeuti June to July, 2020 2319-3085
12 2020 An introduction to Apiculture Biology of bee, rearing of bee etc. June 2020 978-93-89491-62-3
13 2021 An introduction to non mulberry sericulture Biology of Non-mulberry silkworm, rearing, pest and diseases ect. April, 2021 978-93-90942-95-4
14 2022 Efficacy of Solanum torvum Sw. as a Potential Antifungal medicinal plant against Candida albicans in In Vitro and In Vivo experimental models Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences July to August, 2022 Indian J pharm Sci 2022;84(4):

Training Courses, Teaching Learning Evaluation Technology Programs, Faculty Development Programmes
Sl No Year Programme Name Duration Organized by
1 2018 Orientation Programme 8th March to 6th April UGC, HRDC, Aligarh Muslim University
2 2018 FDP on Electronics and ICT Academy, IIT, Guwahati 10th to 16th September E and ICT Academy IIT Guwahati
3 2019 Refresher Course 12th March to 2nd April UGC,HRDC, Aligarh Muslim University
4 2020 Refresher Course 3rd September to 18th September UGC,HRDC, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, UP
5 2022 ICT Academy, Presentation Skills Level 1 31st May to 2nd Jun ICT Academy

Workshop Attended
Sl No Year Title of the Workshop Duration Organized by
1 2015 Hans on Training on Recent advances in practical curricula of UG courses in zoology, 9th to 15th March 2015 GU, Department of Zoology,
2 2015 Assam science society, Training programm for resource person for Science and Mathematics 3rd and 18th February, 2015 Assam Science Society, Assam
3 2016 State level workshop on practical Anthropology 7th September Dept. of Anthropology, Morigaon college in collaboration with Guwahati regional committee of Indian National Confederation of Anthropologists.
4 2016 National workshop on Higher education and problem of quality assurance 9th September IQAC, Ghanakanta Baruah College, Morigaon, Assam
5 2017 25th National children's science congress 8th to 10th October District organising committee, Morigaon dristrict and Assam science technology and environment council (ASTEC)
6 2018 Revised process of assessment and accreditation of NAAC 9th June The Internal quality assurance cell (IQAC), Morigaon College
7 2019 Choice based credit system for undergraduate level 2nd May Assam college teacher association, Nagaon- Morigaon Zone
8 2019 Conservation of Heritage and Intellectual Property Right 7th September Dept. of Anthropology and IPR cell,in collaboration with IQAC, Morigaon College
9 2019 Method of assessment and accreditation by national assessment and accreditation council (NAAC) 9th September IQAC, Mayang Anchalik College
10 2020 Capacity building of academic counsellors of KKHSOU 16th to 18th June KKHSOU, Guwahati, Assam
11 2020 Capacity building for students of colleges and universities 4th July Dept. of History, Borholla College, Jorhat
12 2020 Importance of ICT and its tools 23rd July Dept. of English and IQAC, Saradha Gangadharan College Puduchery
13 2021 Nanotechnology experiment design 20th July Dept. of Chemistry and Zoology, Pragyotish College, Guwahati
14 2022 Yoga for Teaching staff and celebration International Yoga day 21st to 23rd June IQAC, Morigaon College
15 2022 IPR 5th November IPR cell, IQAC, Morigaon College

Webinar Attended
Sl No Year Title of the Webinar Organized by
1 2020 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) and beyond; Development approach in developing countries during covid-hit period Dept. of Economics, Morigaon collehe
2 2020 Appilication of geospatial and molecular tools in natural resource conservation and manamement Dept. of ecology and environmental science E P Odum school of environmental sciences, Assam university, Silchar
3 2020 State of Education during COVID-19 pandemic in Moroco IQAC, Karmashree Hiteswar Saikia college
4 2021 Shaping young minds to build future biodiversity conservation leaders: challenges and opportunities Research scholar forum, dept. of GU and Zoological society of Assam